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Born on sheep farm in Paraguay during the largest mass UFO sighting of the 20th Century. Still waiting for my people to return.
New York City
Shouting at Birds, Rolling in Pie, My Creationism Scrapbook, Crochet, Wasp-Eating Contests, Dabbling in Rutabaga Futures, Pia Zadora, Vlad the Impaler, Mail Order Brides, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Hog the Mountie Grunter, Frog the Mouthy Shunter, Bog the Grouty Flunter, Mog the Hefty Blargins, words ending in -weenis, Old Funny Books, Interpreting Odd Noises and Smells
Favorite Music:
Herbert Hoover, Joe Weider, Joey Bishop, Joey Goebbles, Brother Theodore, Brother Dave Gardner, Brother Donald Rumsfeld, Tonya Harding, Elsa Lanchester, Annette Funicello, R. Crumb, television is evil
Favorite Movies:
Cannibal Holocaust, The Piano, Old Yeller, FATliners, Our Vines Have Tender Grapes, Bumfights, Mail Order Bride, Geek Maggot Bingo, any movie depicting vocal chord damage or peeing on animals, family fare with cursed vegetable matter or the quandary of divorced persons, nunsploitation, 1940s agricultural documentaries
Favorite Books:
Candy, I Am Billy Bob's Colon, The Philosophical Investigations of Larry Fine, Mary Wollstencraft Bullweenis, Build That Treehouse from Bird Droppings!, I have an extensive collection of publications on the subject of Pie, Tony Alamo tracts, Cherry Blossoms mail-order bride catalogs
Favorite Quotes:
Third favorite quote: "He not busy being born is busy dying" (Bob Dylan). Second favorite quote: "With the guts of the last priest let us strangle the last king" (Denis Diderot). Favorite quote: "Better than nothing? Is it possible?" (Samuel Beckett). Honorable mention: "To know life, Otto, you have to f*ck Death in the gall bladder" (Morrissey, et al., screenplay, Flesh for Frankenstein, 1973).

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